Guest Interviews

Healing Outreach Interviews JT & Lady Cee

JT & Lady Cee appear as guests on the Healing Outreach BlogTalk Radio segment.

The Vast Apostate Hour

JT & Lady Cee appeared as guests on the Vast Apostate Hour hosted by Son of Thunder

Other guests include Mikey & Kim

The Gilbert GonZealous Group

JT appears as a guest on the Gilbert GonZealous Group!
Many thanks to Gilbert Gonzalez! We have permission from Gilbert to share this video on our channel.

The Gilbert GonZealous Group

It was my pleasure to be a guest on the Gilbert Gonzalez Show with Susan Gaskin ( as the substitute Circuit Overseer for this episode.

Featured guests: Gilbert Gonzalez (the usual host) of JW Crisis (

Neil “The Great Apostate” (

Eric “Son of Thunder” (