Interview with Comedian Kenan J. Floyd – Ex-Jehovah’s Witness

In this podcast, JT & Lady Cee speak with Kenan J. Floyd about his experience as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Kenan Jerome Floyd is a writer/producer/comedian based in Los Angeles, CA. He hosts a podcast called “Dangerously Awkward”, where he talks about trying to make it in the entertainment industry while dealing with his hang ups of being an ex-Jehovah’s Witness in a chaotic world.

He borrows from his experiences growing up in a religious household, eccentric friends and family members, personal experience, and unique world views to hone his auto-biographical/storytelling comedic style. He’s been featured on Sirius XM, The Daily Wire, TruTV, and Comedy Central. He’s performed all over the country including at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City, and The World Famous Comedy Store.

Feedback from Viewers – Ten Hour Requirement – You Lied!

In this video presentation, we discuss feedback from one of our viewers from a previous video, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Riding the Waves on a Sinking Ship. It addresses the issue about counting time and the ten-hour quota. Most individuals may not realize that several decades ago, Jehovah’s Witnesses were required to turn in ten hours each month for field service. Eventually, the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society removed the hour requirement. 

The reports showed an increase in the number of publishers, but a decrease in hours being reported by the publishers each month. Noticing the trend, the Watchtower sent out a branch letter inquiring about the decrease in the number of field service hours. 

However, Witnesses complained that they were no longer under a quota so why all the fuss? Note the branch letter below as is outlined in the February 1973 Kingdom Ministry: 

*** km 2/73 pp. 1-6 Branch Letter *** How about congregation publishers? They are increasing in numbers, from 389,555 for the previous year to 401,519 for the first three months of the 1973 service year. That is good to see. But their report of hours is down—from 9.9 to 9.6 per month, on the average. Some have said: ‘But we have no quotas now.’ Though the hour requirements for the various branches of pioneer service have not changed, it is true that congregation publishers have no set goal of, say, ten hours per month. Yet the question might be asked: Is this a valid reason for decreasing the amount of time spent in doing the will of Jehovah God in the field service? Really, in past years we were not going in the field service simply to meet a goal of hours, were we? We were interested in preaching the good news of God’s kingdom, to magnify Jehovah’s name and to give others the opportunity to hear. And we still are. Now that we do not all have a set goal of hours we are not to conclude that our field ministry is any less important. Our message is urgent. This is something to think about, don’t you agree? Jehovah’s requirement that our service be whole-souled has not changed.

New Light, Burning Out of Control, or Flickering to Survive

New Light, Burning out of control, or flickering to survive? The Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society has used the “New Light” theory to explain all of their failed teachings. They use this ideology as a means to change their teachings. By doing so, they expect Jehovah’s Witnesses to sit back and accept their mistakes. Since the advent of the Internet, people are doing more research online and discovering many falsehoods about the religion. They are no longer accepting new light as a reason to continue blindly following the Watchtower.

Riding the Waves on a Sinking Ship

Numbers don’t lie, but you can lie with numbers, and the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society has done their share of number crunching over the years. With their “do-more, do-more campaigns,” they kept Jehovah’s Witnesses busy. They heaped a lot of responsibility on their members, and they jumped through a lot of hoops to satisfy the strict hour requirement. 

To think of how many people have felt guilty because they could not do more. Not to mention those folks that quit jobs to regular pioneer to satisfy the Watchtower. And now, with one bold announcement, all preaching has not only come to a screeching halt, but there is no longer any hour requirement. 

To continue being counted as an active publisher as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, all they have to do is report that they have spoken to someone (anyone) about God’s kingdom. That’s it; no hour requirement. No further explanation is necessary. Remember the old 15-minute rule that applied for those that are infirm? That is not even necessary anymore.

Poof! The hour requirement is all but gone with the wind. At least for now, that is.

Watchtower Can Run…But, Can they Hide from Legal Liability?

In the early 2000’s, the Watchtower formed seven new corporations. This included removing the Governing Body from serving as corporate officers or directors in any of these new corporations. In fact, all Governing Body members are stepping aside from their positions and distancing themselves from all the Watchtower corporate entities such as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasury. Instead, these new corporations are being filled by the officers and directors that are personally handpicked by the Governing Body.

Undoubtedly, Watchtower’s hope is that these new corporations will provide the fire wall they need to protect themselves from domestic and international child abuse lawsuits. This podcast examines the legalaties associated with the case of Heather Steele vs. Watchtower.

The Zalkin Law firm argues that these new corporations are nothing more than a “Shell Game” to make the Watchtower Judgment proof. Outlined below are links to the State of NY judicial filing database where you can read the arguments for yourself.

Zalkin Filings #1

WT filings #16

Heather Steele

Jehovah’s Witness Letter Writing Campaign – Security Risk?

When Jehovah’s Witnesses engage in the global letter writing campaign organized by the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society, Inc., they may not realize that following instructions to include their own personally identifiable information on the letters can be a huge security risk. In the world of technology, a quick Google search can have an individual at your door step in no time. Therefore, Jehovah’s Witnesses should be mindful of using their own personal information when sending out letters or other correspondence for the Watchtower. In fact, the Watchtower gives explicit instructions on how their people should interact with the public when sending out information. They, in no way, want the receivers of this information to insinuate that the material is coming directly from Watchtower headquarters. As a result, it places all of the blame on the Jehovah’s Witness that is sending out the information, thus placing their families in danger if individuals are not receptive to their message. All the while, the leadership sits behind a gated compound with full protection from all outsiders.

The Top 3 Ways the Governing Body Misleads Jehovah’s Witnesses

In this video, we encourage you to meditate and think critically about what you have been convinced to believe as Jehovah’s Witnesses. When you think about it, did God really choose Anthony Morris, Stephen Lett and their colleagues as his earthly channel? Should they be responsible for making decisions on your behalf as to whether or not your family members will continue speaking to you if you decide to leave the organization?

What criteria did God use when choosing these men? What do you know about their background and history? What qualifies them as leaders that can make life altering decisions about the lives of other people. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses can relate to the content in this video because it defines how they adhere to their teachings.

When you begin asking critical thinking questions about whether or not these eight guys out of New York should make life altering decisions that affects how I’m viewed by my friends and family, is this something that God approves? Are you willing to do the research to uncover the real truths or will you continue losing out on building healthy relationships with your family and friends?

Jehovah’s Witness Leadership: Arrogant or Ignorant?

For 140 years, the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society has been publishing tons of literature shedding life on world events based on their own interpretation of scripture. When things don’t turn out as they have predicted, they quickly holler “new light” and move on without thinking about the consequences of their actions and how their rules have adversely affected the lives of others.

In this podcast, we call your attention to two issues facing the Watchtower leadership. Are they either arrogant or ignorant?

JW.ORG – Freedom to vote?

Every Jehovah’s Witness does not have to ask if voting is an option because they have been trained about their role in paying homage to world governments and politics. Even children are discouraged from getting involved in student council elections during school.

However, when you do your research on, most individuals will discover that the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society explains that voting is a conscience matter. In many countries around the world, JW.Org is not going to openly proclaim that voting is wrong. Taking such action will not be received in a favorable light. Therefore, they use theocratic strategy to sidestep their agenda stating that it’s a conscious matter. All the while, knowing that according to Watchtower policy, there are a different set of rules to judge any member that chooses to exercise that right.

This podcast goes into detail on how this is done and provides a letter written by the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society in March 2000.

Lawsuits, Lies & You!

In this podcast, JT and Daniel team up to explain the concept of Theocratic Warfare. It is a technique that Jehovah’s Witnesses use when dealing with world leaders and governments around the world.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are indoctrinated to believe that they are in theocratic warfare against the world. That Watchtower encourages them to adopt strategies that are misleading, which may include lying. They put their stamp of approval on anything that furthers the interests of the organization, even it requires being dishonest.

For more details about theocratic warfare, visit