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After leaving the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society, it has been our mission to offer encouragement and support to those who are considering leaving the organization, as well as information to help them critically think about their decision and deal with the many nagging doubts that stem from making such a difficult choice.

We are living proof that there is life after Watchtower, but you have to be willing to work toward the effort to making it happen. Initially, before we left the organization, we viewed many websites created by others who had since left as a way of overcoming the fear and indecision we felt about making this leap. Even though we were looking for material to validate our decision to leave, it was difficult because we wanted to invalidate everything we read. However, we did everything we could to connect the dots, and with all of the information, we made our final decision that it was time for us to sever ties with the organization.

Through our experience and hearing the stories of others who have left Watchtower, we have pinpointed three main obstacles that people must overcome as they make this life-altering decision.


Members in high-control groups are often conditioned to be fearful that if they were to leave the group, something bad may happen to them.


Members feel obligated to carry out the mission of the organization based on the teachings. Often times, members are taught that following the direction of the leaders will bring direct approval from God, and leaving will bring disapproval and possible punishment.


Watchtower demands much of its followers. Being unable to “do enough” causes individuals to feel guilty for not living up to the expectations of the organization. Members are never able to feel completely satisfied with their contributions because they are constantly asked to “do more.”










7 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. JT really. The light gets brighter and brighter. We all are imperfect people and attend imperfect organizations. That generation understanding is that no one die until these things happen. Meanly their understandings of God’s Word. Separating is going on. The understanding gets brighter. The heart condition. Wow. How many times when the apostles didn’t understand about blood. Really. I think you running game and wants money because if 3 teachings stubbles you the world had a million false teachings. You are not the channel. You tube will not get your idea of God’s Word over the entire inhabited earth.


    • Three teachings started me on my path to thinking, which lead me to doing further research and learning that there are a lot of things about this religion that proves they, too, are part of their own definition of false religion. Please do your research and stop holding on to Watchtower teachings, like the new light theory that you are continuing to believe in order to hold on to following their lies and propaganda.


  3. Hey, I was watching some of your videos, and I find them interesting. I am not a Jw, however I have been studying. I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions if that was possible? I live in Canada. we can chat on the phone, or email? please let me know. thx


  4. Hi JT and Lady C,
    Do you have a video about the organ transplant change?


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