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As former teachers and members of Watchtower theology, the group known as JW.org, we have insider information to raise public awareness. Most important, we know the psychological tactics the organization uses to lure unsuspecting converts into believing its deceptive teachings.

Our intent is not to bash the organization’s religious practices. We are merely conduits, sharing information about the group’s motives and operation. We are dedicated to dispelling the group’s false teachings that they plant in the minds of “the fallen.”

As former members of this group, we understand how an enormous burden befalls those members who cannot maintain the pace—a burden of shame, fear, obligation and guilt, judgment and condemnation; accusations of unappreciativeness, spiritual weakness, and the inability to truly love God. Carrying this burden eventually takes its toll.

We know many members who expressed a desire to leave the group. But they stayed because they feared losing close relationships with family and longtime friends. So, they put up a front, feigning their zealous commitment as faithful members of the organization. Many struggled—and continue to struggle— to maintain this charade, denying their true feelings. Their friendships are conditional, based on whether they continue as members in the organization. All the while, the leaders pretend that they are part of a big, happy family and convince members to stay the course because the end to our terrible world conditions is around the corner.

If through our podcast, we help a single person in anguish over his or her inability to live up to the group’s standards—unattainable standards that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible or loving God— or prevent unsuspecting victims from joining the group, or assist public educators to better understand their pupils, or help to mend broken family relationships, or motivate individuals to see the need to further their education – we will have succeeded.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Over the years my wife and I have gotten to know a number of WTBTS members and have witnessed to them and even had a weekly Bible Study with one elder for about 6 mos. I learned that many of those we spoke to had the truth, but for some reason would not make a conscious choice for Christ. I have come to the conclusion that I must attempt to put a rock in these precious folks’ shoes. The rest is up to God’s Spirit. Keep up the good work.
    “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32–33, NIV84)


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  3. JT really. The light gets brighter and brighter. We all are imperfect people and attend imperfect organizations. That generation understanding is that no one die until these things happen. Meanly their understandings of God’s Word. Separating is going on. The understanding gets brighter. The heart condition. Wow. How many times when the apostles didn’t understand about blood. Really. I think you running game and wants money because if 3 teachings stubbles you the world had a million false teachings. You are not the channel. You tube will not get your idea of God’s Word over the entire inhabited earth.


    • Three teachings started me on my path to thinking, which lead me to doing further research and learning that there are a lot of things about this religion that proves they, too, are part of their own definition of false religion. Please do your research and stop holding on to Watchtower teachings, like the new light theory that you are continuing to believe in order to hold on to following their lies and propaganda.


    • You will allways be a follower. No matter if Governing Body literally spit in your face and say it’s raining. This is a Cult. Governing Body member Anthony Morris was caught buying a $1000 worth of booze on Sunday Morning on April 0o 2019 and its all over YouTube. Watchtower using Henrietta M Riley’s name to purchase stock in war misle companies like Boeing 3, Lockheed Martin, Phillip Morris Cigarette,Lion Entertainment and many more. Watchtower using IBSAPROPERTY.COM to buy million dollar properties all over the world. Watchtower spending a future on Pedophile cases. Jws are now controled by Satan and his Demons.


  4. Hey, I was watching some of your videos, and I find them interesting. I am not a Jw, however I have been studying. I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions if that was possible? I live in Canada. we can chat on the phone, or email? please let me know. thx


  5. Hi JT and Lady C,
    Do you have a video about the organ transplant change?


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