Kassie Meyer Survives Watchtower, Overcomes Clinical Depression & Finds love on Match.com


Kassie Meyer is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She’s mild, meek and humble and is wise beyond her years. She’s been through a lot, living through the harsh demands of the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society while battling clinical depression at the same time. Listen to her story, be encouraged and learn how she is loving life after Watchtower.


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Former Bethelite Takes you behind the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society

Jehovahs Witness Bethelite


Joy Grant talks about her struggles as a Jehovah’s Witness woman and how despite all of her accomplishments, it took her many years to gain self esteem after leaving the organization. She had the opportunity to have an up close view of Watchtower leadership being married to an elder at age 18 and invited to join the Bethel family at 20. Joy shares a wealth of knowledge in observing the Watchtower through her own personal experiences throughout the years and being a victim of their many broken promises. She witnessed her parents and a host of other friends suffering from decisions made based on the Watchtower’s failed predictions.

Disassociate vs Disfellowship in the Jehovah’s Witness Religion

This podcast goes into a brief explanation on the differences between what it means to disassociate vs disfellowship in the Jehovah’s Witness faith?

Disassociate vs Disfellowship

Jehovah’s Witnesses Publisher Record Card

Publishers Record Card

If you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you have a requirement each month to turn in a time slip indicating how many hours, books, magazines and a host of other production numbers to the Secretary in your congregation. He will then tabulate all of the hours for each publisher in the congregation and send the final numbers to the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society. This podcast goes into detail on how those numbers are used to measure the spirituality of its members.

It is amazing how your character is judged by what you report or should we say, “don’t report” each month. Because when the traveling overseer aka Circuit Overseer comes to visit the congregation every six months, he takes the pulse of the congregation to see how everyone is measuring up.

Does this sound like a religion or a business parading around as if it is a religion? You decide!

We do not miss the Watchtower!

Although we no longer associate with past Jehovah’s Witnesses, we realize that we really do not miss them. Mainly, because our friendship was built on our acceptance of Watchtower teachings. Most of the “friends” as we used to call them, really did not have any conversation other than what they read in the magazines and publications. And everyone always tried to out talk the other as they ascribed to how spiritual and loyal they were to the organization.
Most of the people we associated with do not know we left because we no longer believe. It provides us with an opportunity to get them to thinking about the organization without them realizing it.
Having this attitude is what actually helped us to get our parents out of the organization. It was very difficult at first to convince my mother and we went through a lot of silent moments and many weeks of not speaking, but eventually we were able to help her to see the light.

Where is the Love?

Cee’s thoughts:

I remember the countless times talking to many fellow JW associates from a variety of different congregations. Everyone seemed to have the same complaint, mainly, a lack of love amongst the “friends” in the congregation.
Yet, we received constant messages that those individuals showing a lack of love would have to answer to Jehovah. But, part of our endurance required that we stay in the organization and remain faithful to Jehovah’s earthly organization.
And if anyone left the organization because they were offended by someone, they were accused of NOT waiting on Jehovah.
It’s amazing how we could hold two separate opinions about the organization without actually seeing the truth for what it is. Because when we went out in field service, we would try to convince the householder that we belonged to a loving worldwide brotherhood. HUH? I ask 15 years later!!! Yeah, that’s right, point blank, we lied to people without realizing it.
It never dawned on us that this should have been a red flag that something was wrong. But, due to the constant messages we received from the Society, it was quite difficult to put all of the pieces together.
How about, this religion just might not be the truth!!!!
Message to all lurkers: This is something you should think about because that is the “real” reason why the organization requires that you attend all congregation meetings. The more meetings you miss, it provides the opportunity for doubt to creep in your mind and you can begin seeing the nonsense behind the organization.