Letter of Introduction to New Congregation

Leaving the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society was a turning point in our lives. We did not write a letter of disassociation because we reasoned that we did not write one to join, therefore, it was not necessary. In fact, since writing a letter is a rule established by the Watchtower, we refused to go that route because that was their way of categorizing us.

When publishers move to a new congregation for whatever reason (new job, serving where the need is great, relocating to get married, etc.) the Society requires your current body of elders to send an official Letter of Introduction to your new congregation. This introduction may be positive or negative.

This letter often contains personal and detailed aspects of your life that will be read by others that do not know you. That means if the letter is negative, you now have to dig yourself out of a hole in your new congregation. This letter will follow you as long as you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Each time you move to a different congregation, it may often be forwarded along with the Letter of Introduction from the current body of elders.


Long story short, here is the letter that was sent about us along with our Publishers Record cards. The information pertaining to our character is totally FALSE. It is an example of how your character is trashed when you leave the organization.

Letter from Body of Elders