JT & Lady Cee appear on Healing X Outreach on BlogTalk Radio

Agustin Astacio interviews JT & Lady Cee

JT and Lady Cee appear on Healing X Outreach: where X-Cultists Speak Out on BlogTalk radio with host Agustin Astacio.

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What Can Happen When a Jehovah’s Witness is Married to an Unbeliever

There are many challenges that individuals may face when married to a Jehovah’s Witness. This video outlines some of the issues that come in to play when a Jehovah’s Witness marries an unbeliever during the time they have been disfellowshipped and then decides to return to the organization.

married to unbeliever

How will a Jehovah’s Witness respond to the Truth about the “TRUTH”?

This podcast demonstrates how the majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses will respond when an ex-Jehovah’s Witness tries to help them learn the truth about the TRUTH!


Jehovah’s Witnesses – To Fade or Disassociate?

Jehovah Witness Disassociate

Does it really make a difference whether or not a person chooses to fade from the Jehovah’s Witness religion or to write a disassociation letter? This podcast goes into detail providing you with information so you can make your own decision as it relates to your situation. What is suitable for one person may not be the same for another. There is no “one size fits all” approach in this case.

While some feel it makes no difference which one you choose, depending on how your family perceives it, you may be better off simply fading. However, if you have family that does everything according to the Watchtower’s rule book, then either choice may be appropriate! However, buying the necessary time to prepare yourself for the backlash when leaving the organization is a must. It is most important that you build a new clientele of friends and establish a new support group prior to leaving because once you make it known to those in your inner Watchtower circle, they will cut you off in an instant.

It is amazing that when an individual becomes a Jehovah’s Witness, they gradually stop hanging around their non-Jehovah’s Witness associates and family. In fact, the individual that is converting to the JW faith still has access to those in their lives that are not JW’s as they begin to enjoy their new friends at the Kingdom Hall. It is a very smooth transition from one to the other.

However, when individuals decide to leave the JW faith, they are cut off in an instant. The swift kick in the rear end literally makes your head swirl.  Yet, those individuals that you abandoned to join this group, are always awaiting your return and in many instances, welcome you back with open arms.

Fear, Obligation, Guilt (FOG)


After leaving the Jehovah’s Witness religion, we had the opportunity to read Emotional Blackmail by Susan Forward, Ph.D. We could readily identify with the stories she relates in the book and could make a direct correlation to our lives as Jehovah’s Witnesses. While the experiences are somewhat different from what we encountered in our personal lives, we could readily comprehend how individuals use emotional blackmail to make others develop fear, obligation and guilt in order to manipulate them into furthering their own agenda.

This podcast explains in great detail how  Jehovah’s Witnesses live in the FOG. No one can dispute these comments as every current and former Witness is most familiar with the culture of the organization!

This podcast references the experience of a sister that lived in an Iron Lung and her experience was used as a tool to measure the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses with otherwise good health that did not live up to the daily demands of the Watchtower. You can reference her experience in the January 22, 1993 Awake! magazine “Not Even an Iron Lung Could Stop her Preaching“.

Why is there always a deficit at the Circuit Assemblies of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

baking is as easy as1-2-3!

Every Jehovah’s Witness has attended the circuit assembly and remembers the brothers making the announcement from the platform that “we have a deficit” and then starts asking for more donations to cover the cost of the program.

This audio clip goes into detail about why there is always a deficit and the assembly program hasn’t even started yet!


Find New Friends after leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses


When my husband and I left the Jehovah’s Witness faith, we realized that finding a new clientele of friends was a must. When most individuals leave this religion, it is with great distress because many are being shunned by their family and friends and they literally have no one that they can speak to. Therefore, if you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and you are thinking about leaving the organization, it is imperative that you realize those individuals in your circle will completely shut you out of their lives.

We simply connected with people in our business circle. In fact, during the time we left, I was self-employed, and thankfully I had stopped telling people about my religious affiliation. Therefore, I didn’t have to go through the bad experience one finds themselves in when trying to fit in with so-called “worldly” people.

It has been an interesting journey for us, but all-in-all we feel like we did the right thing in our lives by leaving and we have no regrets.