The Role of the Circuit Overseer – Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Role of the Circuit Overseer

According to, the circuit overseers were formerly known as Circuit Servants; Servants to the Brethren; Zone Servants; Regional Servants; Regional Service Directors; Pilgrims; Tower Tract Society Representatives. Yet, they used to have men in place known as district overseers, but they no longer exist within the organization. This title was done away with some years ago and these men lost their jobs of oversight.

Interestingly, if these terms are Biblical as they assert, they would never be able to do away with them. For example, the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society compares their work to that of Barnabas and the apostle Paul by referring to them as traveling overseers, visiting the early congregations.

Yet, it is a well-known fact that the role of the circuit overseer is to check up on congregation activity in the circuit to monitor their field service activity, check up on the financial status, ensure that elders are carrying out their responsibilities and appoint ministerial servants and elders in the congregation.

When the apostle Paul went about his traveling work, he did not check up on how much time was spent in the field ministry because there was no such thing as counting time in the Bible.

This podcast helps viewers to understand the true role of the circuit overseer by encouraging them to think critically and to recognize that these roles are man-made, middle management positions.


Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Serious Impact of Shunning


Shunning is one of the most powerful tools that Jehovah’s Witnesses use against former members. It completely disproves the adage that blood is thicker than water. Sadly, mother’s will not speak to their children and vice versa. This video examines several cases of shunning. It offers suggestions on how to turn the “lemon” known as shunning into lemonade.

We want to thank Bethany and Jon, fellow exjw youtube’s for appearing as guests on the program offering advice on how they are handling being shunned.



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Jehovah’s Witnesses and Double Agents

jehovah's witnesses and double agents

In this podcast, JT and Daniel discuss the Jehovah’s Witnesses and double agents. They talk about how the JW goes to the Kingdom Hall and acts like the perfect Witness and then they will come on YouTube channels at night to discuss JW topics with former Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some will try to defend the Watchtower and others will agree with what we say.

Needless to say, neither are supposed to interacting with former Jehovah’s Witnesses. They also discuss the need for individuals to remain silent when they learn information about this not being the truth because their JW family and friends are on full alert whenever someone begins to speak against



Jehovah’s Witnesses: Murder Vs. Marijuana – Watchtower Service Department – Part Two

Jehovahs Witness Murder vs Marijuana


Watchtower Letter Dated December 24, 1992
Murder vs Marijuana – which?

Links to the Australian Royal Commission official tells woman barrister her questions are too long

JW.Org, explain Shunning doctrine at the Australian Royal Commission officials testify that we do not shun those that disassociate


Thanks to everyone that provided feedback on our video, the Watchtower Service Department Part One.

In fact, Andy Sandoval left a comment and gives one of the bestsummations I’ve ever heard that aptly describes the Watchtower Service Department.

He say’s and I quote, “There is so much secrecy in the Watchtower Corporation. I would always wonder how the service department works. I only got death stares from circuit and district overseers when I would ask how the service department works and what policies they follow. This is the department that keeps all the records of judicial committee cases, appointments, deletions, and other problems etc. This department receives the reports from the circuit overseers after they visit a Congregation and inform of any problems found in their weekly visit. This department also receives reports from the Bethel Guest speaker about how an assembly was conducted. The service department handles calls from elders and now recently e-mails (no more letters sent) on how to handle problems and whether or not a situation merits disfellowshipping, deletion of privileges or any other discipline for a JW that broke any rules. The most hardcore company men are chosen to serve in this secretive department. I personally knew 1 Bethel brother that was transferred to this department and after only month was literally physically sick to his stomach of all the reports and cases, he had to handle involving elders committing adultery, fights among elder bodies, child molestation (those cases are handled 1st by the legal dept but afterwards transferred to the service dept) and cases of fraud amongst appointed brothers! He left Bethel as well. It is equivalent to the KGB in the former Soviet Union, CIA for the U.S. and the hit men for the mafia. This is where all the dead skeletons are buried and where elders get their marching orders on how to execute punishment for the difficult cases where the elder manual and policy letters do not provide enough info. The company men at the service department have memorized the elder manual, organized book, policy letters and correspondence guidelines and answer all questions regarding their self-righteous judicial process dished out on the rank and file.”

Yes, I like the way Andy made that statement, “they know where the bodies are buried”

This department operates in an ALL BUSINESS and no-nonsense manner because when your call is answered by someone in the Service Department, they will ask you two questions:

  1. What is your name? and
  2. Which congregation are you calling from?

But, if you ask them to provide their name, they will not tell you!

Now, think about this: here is a brother on the other end of the telephone, someone that is supposed to be willing to die for you, and yet when you ask them to provide their name, they are unwilling to cooperate.

Clearly, you can see the double-standards that exist in the organization.

Now, some of you may be familiar with the trial of the Australian Royal Commission. During that trial, Rodney Sphinx, a member of the Service Department in Australia was called to testify. This is one of the best examples of a member of the service department IN ACTION!!!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with this case, I’ve included a link in the description of this video on how you can watch the trial.

So, this is what the service department is all about. The individuals that work in this department are STRAIGHT UPSociety men. Those chosen to work in this department have fully demonstrated their devotion to the organization.  They are loyal persons that will never deviate!

Imagine how his colleagues back at Bethel were no doubt cheering him on because he held his ground and never deviated. And, this is what earns him the right to work in this department.

OK, now I want to share an experience about how the Watchtower Society provides what is known as a “one off” where they provide information to a congregation with a unique situation and then I will go back and critically examine the issue.

There is a letter written by the Watchtower Society on December 24, 1992 that dealt with two issues:

  1. Murder and
  2. Marijuana

Let’s take a further look at this issue.

There was a congregation that wrote to the Society where they expressed a concern where about a person in the congregation that has confessed to committing several murders along with other crimes. Basically, the brothers are asking whether they are obligated to turn this man in or not.

Now, this man is a fugitive from the law and everyone knows that in society crimes such as this have no statute of limitations.

A lot of criminals realize they can hide out with Christians, so that makes me wonder, who are you sitting next to at the Kingdom Hall.

Is The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses God Directed?

Jehovahs Witness

This podcast asks the critical thinking question as to how the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses claim their power and authority. If they do not claim to be inspired by God, how is it that they teach their members that they are the only true religion? How can they make rules and expect others to follow them, if they are not inspired of God? Where does the Governing Body actually receive their power and authority? We encourage you to do your research to learn about the foundation of this religion. Be willing to be open minded and let the chips fall where they may.



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Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Allowed to Ask Questions?

Are Jehovah's Witnesses

Many people have been told that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not allowed to ask questions. But, you know that is not true because there is a segment in the Watchtower titled Questions from Readers. This video goes into detail about how Jehovah’s Witnesses are treated after they ask the question but don’t want to accept the answer.