Interview with John Dehlin – Mormon Stories Podcast

Guest John Dehlin,

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormon Church? What is the difference? When you think about their history, both religions came into existence during the same era. Each religious leader predicted the end of the world. They misled individuals to believe in their fairy tales of an afterlife. They even convinced them that they were the only true religion. The only difference between the two faiths is merely their subjects. The tactics and techniques of each leader were similar. They had a stronghold on their adherents to follow their warnings and deny themselves a life based on their theories.

Our special guest, John Dehlin, discusses the Mormon church, its history, and why he chose to leave the church after 45 years. He is a sixth-generation Mormon and comes from a family that dates back to the early history of the church’s beginnings. Dehlin is an American psychologist, podcast host, excommunicated member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and is a well-known activist helping to raise awareness about the Mormon church. He is one of the most eloquent speakers and is one of the best Mormon historians.

John founded the Mormon Stories Podcast. He is instrumental in leading the cause to educate others about the Mormon church. As the founder of the Mormon Podcast Stories, John enjoys interviewing various guests on his show that stem from different backgrounds. He established the podcast in 2005, and it is the longest-running and most popular Mormon-themed podcast.


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