Is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Losing Their Grip on its Members?

This podcast critiques the talk presented by Governing Body member David Splane from the 2021 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It helps individuals to use critical thinking when listening to the comments on how the Jehovah’s Witness leadership tries to convince its members to treat information they receive from former members or the media.

Throughout his talk, Splane uses the phrase “Spiritual Poison” to describe the bad publicity the organization experiences from anyone speaking negatively about them.

He discourages Bible studies from investigating sources outside of the Watchtower when seeking to learn more information about the religion. He proudly states it’s not an option for a Bible study to investigate information they receive from their non-Jehovah’s Witness spouse asking them to check out the religion prior to joining. Instead, he says, “we have nothing to hide” and begins outlining alternate ways for individuals to learn more about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • Listen carefully to the brothers at meetings
  • Watch how we interact with one another
  • Take note of how the organization is financed
  • Get to know the elders & their wives
  • Introduce yourself to the circuit overseer & his wife
  • Visit the world headquarters of the branch

During his discourse, Splane makes an offhanded comment about the things that individuals are no doubt discussing in an online forum. He goes on to say that people are no doubt asking, “do you think the brothers that write Watchtower articles are living in the real world?” and “I wonder if they realize just how hard it is out here.”

Wow! He nailed it. This is exactly what takes place at Watchtower headquarters. And the individuals sitting in the audience are so brainwashed that these type of statements go right over their head. They fail to take time to investigate what is being said from the platform. The Governing Body delivers the exact information they need to wake up and get out, all they have to do is use critical thinking to examine their statements.

During the talk, Splane asks, “how does it make you feel”? after going to an online forum and listening to apostates talk negatively about the organization? He then follows up his statement with the following questions:

  • When you leave the online forum, do you feel upbuilt?
  • Do you feel determined to expand your ministry?
  • Are you more convinced than ever that Jehovah has a loving organization and you feel honored to be part of it?



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