I Learned the Truth About Jehovah’s Witnesses on Facebook

I learned the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses on Facebook
I found the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses on Facebook

In this video podcast, Keith tells his story about how he stumbled on the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses on Facebook. Doing a simple Google search about a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Melody lead him to the EX-Jehovah’s Witness Critical Thinker Facebook Page. He reached out to express his gratitude and the rest is history.

The following is a partial comment Keith wrote on our Facebook page prior to us contacting him:

Begin Quote:

“I have just come across your channel. I want to thank you so much and commend your courageous actions and stance. I was born and raised in the Kingdom Hall for 18 years. I had the potential outlook and many elders talking to me about Bethel (New York) and of course baptism.

My exit story starts when at the age of roughly 16, when it came time to me being approached for baptism, I don’t know why, but I declined. I explained I hadn’t made the “truth my own” yet. I told the elder in the hall, who told me frank out, if you were not a baptized member of Jehovah’s Witnesses you would die at Armageddon. I shared with him the scripture about from every tribe, nation, and tongue. Also, the scripture referring to God reading heart conditions, the hot and cold, lukewarm scripture…. etc. They backed off and let me go. Or so I thought.

I love this. I know this pain all too personally. I am on my 3rd video today, and have been breaking down into tears for hours. This topic is woefully real, horribly terrifying, and happens everyday in this group of spiritually blind people leading other blind. The reason you’re blind is you stumble in the darkness you’ve created by boxing yourself in and cut yourself off from growth.

In the hands of the Potter you have become hardened and as he lovingly tries to continue to mold you, instead, rigid in your belief, you crumble. Now that box is your coffin. Love, life, family, happiness, kindness, mildness, patience, understanding, compassion, etc,. These things are what is divine. God is Love. It is the all powerful force that drives not only creation, but the continuation of life. Life is synonymous with growth. That ever expanding light you claim to know should be ever adding appreciation, awe, wonder and humility to a person so that in the total “Presence” of the Most High’s creation, we realize we cannot fully comprehend the beauty we live amongst, the contrast and various colors we have be gifted to experience.

How can we judge? How should we take someone we love and care about, find out they are ” spiritually sick”, and cast them out to the ravenous lion that seeks to devour those in the flock? If someone is sick and near death, do we not draw closer to them. Is that not love? Why is it the sacrifice you are most willing to make is that of your friends and family, and not your traditions?” End Quote

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