Stop Playing Games! Why Can’t I Get Reinstated?


Jehovah’s Witnesses stake the claim that they carry out the same practices in their worship all over the world. But, one of the most inconsistent practices in their faith is the one that pertains to the judicial process and disfellowshipping.

If you are disfellowshipped and cannot understand why it is taking so long to get reinstated after making multiple requests, chances are there is someone on your judicial case that has a personal agenda against your best interests. There is no consistency on how reinstatement is carried out. It is up to the three individuals that are serving on your committee that determines your fate.

It leaves people to ask the question, what am I doing wrong or what am I failing to do? When in fact, the elders may believe that you are not repentant enough. In fact, if you had a different set of elders handling your case, your outcome may have turned out in your favor.

This podcast explores some of the unspoken and untold reasons why some people actually languish in a disfellowshipped state not realizing why they are unable to get reinstated. It also discusses how people are treated after they are reinstated. Instead of being immersed in love for returning back to God, they are treated with suspicion that results in unnecessary challenges.



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