Jehovah’s Witnesses & Disfellowshipping – A Weapon for Control?

In this video, we discuss how the Watchtower responded to a question from readers back in 1958 about one of the anointed voluntarily accepting a blood transfusion and whether or not they would be able to partake of the emblems during the Memorial.

However, it’s the response to the question that is eye opening for current day Jehovah’s Witnesses because during that time, the Watchtower did not disfellowship individuals for partaking of blood back then. We go in to detail regarding how the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society condemned the Catholic Church for the practice of excommunication back in 1947. And then we provide the timeline of events for when they began their own excommunication program.


Questions From Readers 1958 Watchtower Page 478 

January 8, 1947 Awake!

Refer to the following videos to learn more about how the Watchtower deals with members in the congregation when they accept blood transfusions today.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Blood Transfusions/Blood Fractions – Part 1

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood Fractions Part 2

Timeline of Disfellowshipping

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