Watchtower Can Run…But, Can they Hide from Legal Liability?

In the early 2000’s, the Watchtower formed seven new corporations. This included removing the Governing Body from serving as corporate officers or directors in any of these new corporations. In fact, all Governing Body members are stepping aside from their positions and distancing themselves from all the Watchtower corporate entities such as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasury. Instead, these new corporations are being filled by the officers and directors that are personally handpicked by the Governing Body.

Undoubtedly, Watchtower’s hope is that these new corporations will provide the fire wall they need to protect themselves from domestic and international child abuse lawsuits. This podcast examines the legalaties associated with the case of Heather Steele vs. Watchtower.

The Zalkin Law firm argues that these new corporations are nothing more than a “Shell Game” to make the Watchtower Judgment proof. Outlined below are links to the State of NY judicial filing database where you can read the arguments for yourself.

Zalkin Filings #1

WT filings #16

Heather Steele

One thought on “Watchtower Can Run…But, Can they Hide from Legal Liability?

  1. Somebody pass me a beach towel, because my head is swimming.

    Pure Subterfuge. The WT is playing the court system with business tactics; not caring about yet another life they destroyed. I hope Mr. Zalkin is able to get the court to see what the WT organization is doing. Disguised as another corporate name, they are trying to bypass the very responsibility they SHOULD be facing. One day, the games will be over.

    Thanks, JT and Lady Cee for another exposé on “God’s only TRUE ‘Christian’ organization” Merry Christmas and a very HEALTHY and HAPPY 2021


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