Jehovah’s Witness Letter Writing Campaign – Security Risk?

When Jehovah’s Witnesses engage in the global letter writing campaign organized by the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society, Inc., they may not realize that following instructions to include their own personally identifiable information on the letters can be a huge security risk. In the world of technology, a quick Google search can have an individual at your door step in no time. Therefore, Jehovah’s Witnesses should be mindful of using their own personal information when sending out letters or other correspondence for the Watchtower. In fact, the Watchtower gives explicit instructions on how their people should interact with the public when sending out information. They, in no way, want the receivers of this information to insinuate that the material is coming directly from Watchtower headquarters. As a result, it places all of the blame on the Jehovah’s Witness that is sending out the information, thus placing their families in danger if individuals are not receptive to their message. All the while, the leadership sits behind a gated compound with full protection from all outsiders.

One thought on “Jehovah’s Witness Letter Writing Campaign – Security Risk?

  1. That whole letter writing campaign is 150 shades of crazy!

    Like you said, JT, the org, once again, hangs rank and file jw’s OUT to DRY!

    First of all, most jw’s, as you guys have mentioned in past episodes, are not financially well off. They don’t have the money to be buying stamps to mail letters to perfect strangers, on someone else’s say so.

    Also, on the society’s say so, jw’s are told to give their personal info. Name, address, phone number and possibly even email address in the letters they send out. NOT the org’s. Not their congregation’s address, but the individual jw’s address. They might as well paint a target on their faces : Please, stranger I just sent this letter to, feel free to rob me, rape me, and clean out my bank account! I’m a jw so you won’t get much.

    I just thought of that phrase about obeying the elders or the brothers even if it doesn’t seem to make sense from a human (see also: Common sense ) vantage point.

    The totally INTO IT jw won’t hesitate. Even if it means living on spaghetti without the meat sauce. The on-the-fence jw’s, however, MIGHT take your advice and say, “NO. This is nuts! I might share ‘Jehovah’ with a colleague on facebook, or someone on Pinterest. But giving my personal info to a perfect stranger? I think NOT.”

    Here’s to hoping there are more fence sitters around, especially since Covid afforded them a free summer, where they weren’t pawning off their literary toilet paper on unsuspecting passers-by.

    Speaking of which…. if we ever get hit by another TP famine, and worse comes to worst, I’ll just use a wt magazine I’ve been saving for research purposes. đź’©đźš˝


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