Jehovah’s Witnesses: Vow of Poverty

Life at Bethel Vow of Poverty Part 6

This video discusses the vow of poverty and how it affects those in full-time service and the impact it has for many individuals that live in areas and what happens when they do not pay into social security.

Is there anything wrong with taking a vow of poverty? No! However, the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society is guilty of hypocrisy for condemning other religious denominations for instituting such an arrangement. Why? Because when they discovered they could take certain tax breaks for doing the same thing, they decided to set up their own vow of poverty system – Worldwide Order of Special Full-Time Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesses Unfortunately, such vows did not benefit the Bethelites and other individuals in full-time service.

n fact, when it was convenient, the Watchtower dismissed thousands of Bethelites from their assignments. Many of them were released after serving upwards of 30+ years at Bethel.

One couple was so excited about being accepted to Bethel and after selling their home, donated the money from the sale of their home to the Watchtower Society. Sadly, they were part of the massive layoff of 1,000+ Bethelites.


October 1, 1973 Watchtower Question from Readers

April 1, 2017 Watchtower – What you Vow Pay



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One thought on “Jehovah’s Witnesses: Vow of Poverty

  1. Hey JT and Lady Cee. ! Love this site. I would have been here ages ago if I knew about it. My bad.

    As to the whole Vow of Poverty ….Monks (Catholic) took this vow of poverty. Not sure if it still exists but I’m pretty sure that these monks have ALWAYS been in this order. Up to old age and death . They’ve been cared for.

    For the WT to give the invite to Bethel to take that same Vow of Poverty and then turf those people, without notice! Even many who had dedicated decades of their lives to what they believed top be THE TRUTH. , only to be tragically deceived and left high and dry by those they trusted with their very lives! John 10:10 applies here;

    The thief comes only to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY….”


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