JT and Public Talks – Life at Bethel Part 4 (Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Life at Bethel Part 4

This video is a continuation of JT’s life at Bethel. He discusses Public Talks and his role as the speaker coordinator in his congregation. The presiding overseer in his congregation specifically asked him not to coordinate speakers from other Kingdom Hall’s using what he termed a whole sale bargain where if they had 11 speakers, they would automatically tradeoff every speaker they had. Rather, he encouraged JT to select only their best speakers.

JT was not bashful in whom he invited to his congregation to deliver talks at his congregation. He approached some of the most popular speakers and even asked select members from the Governing Body. To his surprise brother George Gangas, one of the Governing Body members actually accepted his invite.

He recounts what it was like accompanying brother Gangas to his congregation for field service prior to the Sunday meeting and the series of events that happened prior to the meeting.

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