Jehovah’s Witnesses & the Two Witness Rule


Jehovah's Witness Two Witness Rule

In this video, Lynn Ragusa shares her personal experience about how she was affected by the two witness rule.

International Rape Crisis Hotlines –

Barbara Anderson – Watchtower Documents, discusses the Two Witness Rule

Former Jehovah’s Witnesses recount years of sex abuse ahead of landmark case (article from NY Post – August 12, 2019))

The child victim’s act (article from NY Post – February 14, 2019)

Mark Albert, Chief National Investigative Correspondent Silent No More: The Survivors (video – part one)

Silent No More: The Survivors (video – part two) TV:

Legal floodgates to open Wednesday as child sexual abuse victims, many after decades, get long-awaited day in court (article from the NY Daily News dated August 11, 2019)

Zalkin’s press conference (Facebook video) Watchtower 1995 Nov 1 pp.28-9

If the accusation is denied, the elders should explain to the accuser that nothing more can be done in a judicial way . And the congregation will continue to view the one accused as an innocent person. The Bible says that there must be two or three witnesses before judicial action can be taken. (2 Corinthians 13:1; 1 Timothy 5:19) Even if more than one person remembers abuse by the same individual, the nature of these recalls is just too uncertain to base judicial decisions on them without other supporting evidence. This does not mean that such memories are viewed as false (or that they are viewed as true). But Bible principles must be followed in establishing a matter judicially.



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One thought on “Jehovah’s Witnesses & the Two Witness Rule

  1. Ty Lynn, for sharing your story as a survivor! ♡ …and you are awake & have decided to not only share your story but to help others ~nothing more to be proud of than what you are doing, using this pain you suffered thru for the good of others!
    Those elders just love hearing all the gory details! Thank you for making many excellent points: going to the authorities immediately if you’ve suffered sexual or physical abuse; know it isnt your fault & you aren’t guilty~ nor did you cause anything that someone did to you that was abusive; dealing with the aftermath will take time possibly therapy but you will heal & you aren’t alone. Check out Lady Cee’s other videos on topics of abuse and if you need help call your local police or appropriate hotline now, don’t wait to suffer more nor to give that person a chance to commit more crimes.

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