Jehovah’s Witnesses and the High Cost of Low Education

Jehovah's Witnesses Low Education

Higher Education has been discouraged by Jehovah’s Witnesses from its very beginning in the 19th century.  Even before this group came to be officially  known as JW in 1931, their founder Charles Taze Russell was advocating that even finishing High School had little value and a waste of time.

Despite living in the technological  21st Century  Jehovah’s Witnesses are still discouraging its most gifted and talented youth  to reject opportunities for higher education.  One can only imagine the millions of Jehovah’s Witness youth living during the 19th thru 21st centuries that missed out on dreams, aspirations and fulfilling careers.  Today, many of these persons that are now up in age. They never realized that the misguided information supplied by the Watchtower would land them where they are at now in their lives. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were convinced that:

  1. There was no need to have a fulfilling career
  2. They would never grow old and die

Unfortunately, both of these so called “FACTS” proved untrue.  As a result, millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world find themselves in challenging financial circumstances and decades of unfulfilling careers due to following the Watchtower’s unscriptural attempts at predicting the end of the world.

In this video we will discuss how the Watchtower convinced millions of parents and youths to follow their advocacy on not developing their talents and skills.

This video features exjw’s discussing real life experiences of what it was like either being discouraged from their hopes and dreams by fearing that they would be displeasing God or taking a chance at not being popular at the Kingdom Hall for going to college anyway.

Special Guests from the exjw community

Lizzy B –
Son of Thunder –
Sundance88 –
Truefaced –
Living the Second Chance –

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