Jehovah’s Witnesses: Blood Fractions and Blood Transfusions

Blood Part 1
This video demonstrates show the Watchtower changes the Divine Laws of God. Who authorized that change?
Bulgaria and Blood Transfusions
*** w61 9/15 Respect for the Sanctity of Blood ***
“Is “God’s law” violated by such medical use of blood? Is it wrong to sustain life by infusions of blood or plasma or red cells or the various blood fractions? Yes!
The law that God gave to Noah and which applies to all his descendants makes it wrong for anyone to eat blood, that is, to use the blood of another creature to nourish or sustain one’s life.”
“But regardless of whether it is whole blood or a blood fraction, whether it is blood taken from one’s own body or that taken from someone else, whether it is administered as a transfusion or as an injection, the divine law applies.”
*** w63 2/15 Carry Your Own Load of Responsibility ***
“Shall he call his congregation servant or the Society? That should not be necessary if he is prepared to carry his own load of responsibility. He need only ask the doctor:
“From what was the plasma taken?” “How are the red cells obtained?” “Where did you get this substance?”
If the answer is “Blood,” he knows what course to take, for it is not just whole blood but ANYTHING that is derived from blood and used to sustain life or strengthen one that comes under this principle.”
So, at this point the Watchtower is teaching that the divine law of God is violated using either whole blood or fractions from whole blood, or as the Watchtower says, anything that comes from blood.
This is supposed to be what the DIVINE LAW SAYS ON THE MATTER
Did you notice the dogmatic “YES” that they emphatically state about being in violation of God’s word?
Regardless of whether it was whole blood or some fraction from blood – or anything from blood – keep that in mind now!!!
So, if the Watchtower Society is God’s mouth piece and he directs them, would you not conclude that God would know what constitutes violating his own divine word and law? Therefore, the Watchtower Society would have gotten this one correct.
What really got the Society into theological trouble is when they started to break blood into:
  1. Scriptural Fractions and
  2. Unscriptural Fractions
At this point they had no scriptural reference for these various fractions. Namely, allowing the Jehovah’s Witness to take certain fractions and barring them from taking others.
The question to ask any Jehovah’s Witness that comes to your door is, when did the divine law stop applying to some fractions of blood and not other fractions since their original ruling was not to accept any blood, including fractions?
Can you show a Biblical reference on when blood fractions discontinued being a violation of divine law and how some are now alright to take?
What you read above was merely the opinion of a group of guys sitting around a conference room table making decisions that can affect the lives of many – and their rulings are expected to be accepted as new light from God.
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