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Straight Outta Watchtower

It’s Never Too Late – Mariuca’s Story

Story by Richard E. Kelly

A Life-Changing Knock at the Door

Mariuca was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 7, 1965, two months before my son was born. Her mom claims Mariuca entered this world a lady, a regal child, a quick learner with an even temperament. She took control seamlessly whenever necessary. Now mind you, her three younger siblings didn’t see it that way, asserting that she could be bossy at times. However, when she was just five years old, a strange, against-all-odds event occurred which dramatically changed her life.

Mariuca’s mother was busy working her magic in the kitchen when she heard a loud series of persistent knocks at the front door. Pork chops were browning in the frying pan and potatoes were near their boiling point, but still she decided to stop for a moment to see who was knocking. When she opened the door, a well-dressed woman greeted her with a contagious smile.

“My name is Deanna Smoot and I have some especially good news to share with you. Would it be okay to come inside for fifteen minutes to tell my story?”

Mariuca’s mom said she was preparing dinner and now was not a good time. But if Mrs. Smoot would write down her telephone number, she would call her in the next few weeks. A long-time JW, Mrs. Smoot had never heard that excuse before. But three weeks later, she received the promised call from Mariuca’s mother. A JW style “Bible study” was started.

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Sneak Previews – Upcoming Episodes on the Critical Thought

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Don’t miss these upcoming segments coming soon!

  • The number one thing a Jehovah’s Witness will not tell you when they knock on your door.
  • Issues that Jehovah’s Witness women face when they do not work a secular job
  • How to best prepare for when Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on your door.
  • What is the Watchtower’s current position on blood, where did this position come from and has it changed?
  • What kind of training and insight do we really get on how to choose a spouse?
  • When a religion comes out with their own Bible, it is most certain that all of their teachings are going to match.
  • Where do you go after leaving the Watchtower?

Shunned & Homeless: Meet Lonnie, ex-Jehovah’s Witness


In February 2018, we were contacted by a 20-year-old Jehovah’s Witness that had been on the Internet doing research about the religion. He had been questioning the beliefs for several months and already began fading. During Super Bowl weekend, he finally got the courage to go online, and as he states, “I typed Jehovah’s Witness in the YouTube search box and landed on ExJW Critical Thinkers YouTube channel”.

He was overwhelmed about what he was watching on our YouTube videos  and wanted answers. He emailed us several times asking if he could speak with us. We touched base with him and he told us his story. But, we told him to be careful about talking to his family because they will ask him to leave. Therefore, we told him to make sure he has a place to stay before he starts talking about what he has been learning online information.

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In this podcast, Lonnie tells his story about becoming homeless because as he put it, he could not hold back and he just had to say something. And like clockwork, it moved the situation to critical mass. His mom and dad called the elders and after several visits with them, Lonnie’s refused to change his stance about what he was learning.

In fact, when Lonnie tried to show the elders the information he had been reading, they refused to look at it. But, they asked him to write a disassociation letter since he was not willing to turn back and continue living as a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness.

Fortunately, Lonnie is not afraid of survival and was able to secure a place to stay by finding a place using the popular AirBNB service. This video is a good source of information for anyone seeking shelter because they have no place to go. Of course, since he is working a job, he has money to pay for his stay.

We do not recommend that anyone go cold turkey like Lonnie because it may not be as easy to bounce back. As I state in the opening comments, Lonnie is like a One in a Million kind of guy.

Be sure to check out Lonnie on YouTube and be inspired by his thoughts.



Jehovah’s Witness Judicial System – Part One – Interview with Joe Dyer

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In this interview with Joe Dyer, Lady Cee gets an earful of knowledge about his experience with the Jehovah’s Witness Judicial System. To learn more about Joe and his Watchtower experiences, visit his YouTube channel –….



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