Young People Ask: Should I Go To College?



According to a recent Pew Study, only 9% of Jehovah’s Witnesses have completed college. It is no wonder because each year prior to high school graduation, Jehovah’s Witness youth are discouraged from seeking higher education at the annual Regional Conventions. Not to mention, those that take up the full time door-to-door ministry are praised for making the best choice in life. This video is encouraging the young ones to pursue their education because once they graduate, they are done with school. But, when they pursue the Watchtower’s agenda, they will be on a never ending cycle of preach, preach, preach for the rest of their lives with no end in sight.



Ken Speaks…LGBTQ and Jehovah’s Witnesses


There is a group of individuals that we have yet to provide an outlet to tell their story and what it is like being part of the Jehovah’s Witness religion and that is the LGBTQ community. Since our podcast focuses on helping individuals to realize that this is not the truth and to help them understand that they are not alone, this group of individuals needs assistance and support as well. Therefore, when Ken reached out and wanted to talk about his life and what it was like growing up as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and being gay, we could not turn our back on his experience.

The discussion is not about the gay lifestyle, it is actually a conversation that we could never have as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ken is very pleasant and talks about some topics that really makes you go hmmmm…as he brings up information that truly blows the lid off of keeping it real when it comes to how individuals really feel about their lifestyle choices. No matter what you are forced to believe, if a person feels a certain way, you cannot change that.


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Critical Thinkers want to know…why do Jehovah’s Witnesses Attack the Messenger?

Jehovah Witness Attack Messenger

When Former Jehovah’s Witnesses come online to tell their story about their experience in the religion, why is it that current Jehovah’s Witnesses engage in attacking what they have to say? Instead of having an intelligent dialogue with the person relating their story, the Jehovah’s Witness will make snide remarks and comments that have nothing to do with the material being presented.

Former JW’s are simply stating what they have read in Watchtower publications and providing some insight into their own personal history with the organization. Therefore, we are here to help other people use critical thinking when they read the Watchtower and see how they have changed many major teachings, some of which have caused individuals to lose their lives.

This podcast discusses how the Watchtower has condemned other religions for not allowing their members to use critical thinking. And then to add insult to injury, the Watchtower has taken away the rights of their own members to engage in independent thought.