Remembering Watchtower 20 Years Later

Back Down Memory Lane (1)I was on my way to a business meeting and was looking for a bag to carry my computer and just happened to run across my old field service bag. Oh, what memories I found in that bag! It is amazing how far we have come in our lives since leaving the organization. This video provides a quick synopsis of what I discovered in the bag and some of the articles that was used in the brainwashing techniques to make us think we had to continuously go out in field service.


Date of Broadcast: 1/31/17 (Length- 20:41)

New Headline: The Watchtower Society Says: Remembering Watch Tower 20 Years Later

Metadata: Lady Cee details how Jehovah’s Witnesses are indoctrinated via their meetings and publications.


Speakers: Lady Cee

0:00- 6:14

Cathy Thomas aka Lady Cee travels back down memory lane from when she was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She was searching for a book bag in the closet to use for a business meeting and stumbles across her old Watchtower field service bag. During this video she talks about the contents in the bag bringing back many forgotten memories.  and discovers some old literature and material that she used when going door-to-door.

In the past, she prided herself on having the most up-to date and exclusive Watchtower materials. These materials lead her to remember the strength of the Jehovah’s Witness indoctrination process.

The following are some of the things Lady Cee remembers:

  • The Theocratic School and Service Meeting is one of the most powerful indoctrinating meetings.
  • When going door-to-door, Jehovah’s Witnesses jotted down detailed notes about the householder to breed an air of familiarity when making return visits. This was supposed to impress the family with the keen detail the Witness remembered about them upon their return.
  • Back in the day, prior to JW.ORG, Jehovah’s Witnesses offered subscriptions to the Watchtower and Awake Magazines that were actually delivered to your mailbox.
  • The “Our Kingdom Ministry” similar to an internal newsletter is where Jehovah’s Witnesses received their instruction on how to go about their door-to-door proselytizing. The topics in these publications had catchy titles with lots of imagery in the articles to make their messages stick in follower’s minds.

06:15- 12:59

As Lady Cee and JT were fading (slowing distancing themselves from the organization) it was difficult to stop going to events because the pull of the organization’s messages were so strong.

Fading was also difficult because their entire support system was linked to the Jehovah’s Witness religion. Lady Cee and JT faded during the 1990s and a lack of information online, social media and virtual support groups for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses made their experience especially isolating compared to today.

The indoctrination stressed blind obedience and pressured members into structuring their lives around the Kingdom Hall and the Kingdom Hall’s exhaustive obligations.  The time sacrificed does not give members the space to think about and process of what they were being told.

Every moment of their lives used to revolve around their religion.

Lady Cee feels freer spiritually and personally, because she can set her own agenda, instead of having the Watchtower set her agenda.

13:00- 21:41

The Watchtower always used God’s name, Jehovah for legitimacy.

People aren’t encouraged to speak about their goals, education, or their careers because the Watchtower Society makes their members feel guilty by trying to interject the notion that they are not pleasing to Jehovah by doing so.

This created a culture where the members of the group only felt talking about the Watchtower Society or were so inclined to gossip about each other.

Lady Cee stresses that the Internet is incredibly helpful for people leaving the organization to find communities to support and nurture them.

When many members fade, it is common for them to have little to no contact with their former brothers and sisters at the Kingdom Hall; who only show up occasionally to ask them if they put in their time or want to know when they are coming back to the meetings.

Sadly, Lady Cee speaks about an experience she heard from one sister that stated that one of the elders visited her mother on her sickbed and during the visit he asked her if she had any field service time to report from the prior month.



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