Jehovah’s Witnesses – Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

Jehovah Witness Domestic Abuse

In this video Debbie Roberts explains her ordeal in the Jehovah’s Witness religion and how she was treated by the elders in her congregation when she was being abused by her husband. Only to later discover that her husband had been molesting their son.

Debbie along with countless other Jehovah’s Witness women have been used as Watchtower pawns to remain silent about their abuse. To avoid bringing negative publicity to the organization, these women remained silent as their abusers continued to inflict pain in their lives and to the detriment of their safety and health.

Debbie lived in fear and in hiding because her husband threatened to kill her after she left him. However, now that he is no longer a threat, she felt confident to come out and tell her story.


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