Another Jehovah’s Witness Kisses Watchtower Bye-Bye!

JT and Wes


One thought on “Another Jehovah’s Witness Kisses Watchtower Bye-Bye!

  1. I don’t understand why you all ex yourselves from Psalms 83:18 . I think anyone that say they are ex-J lets leave off Witness .J stand for Jehovah right . This is the SNARE a word they love to use . Using Jehovah’s name I personally think it’s a sin right there for prey to appeal to people “Charle Russell use Bible Student , Ruthford was the one came up with Jehovah’s Witness . Their philosphy of controling our minds. It was a”BRILLIANT” idea , until now. The light is so brigth now I CAN SEE THE “TRUTH” WE ALL” that acknowledge what’s we know as ex- witness . Are look at their definition of Witness not the same definition as the dictionary. Their term is Witness – mean Jesus died for all mankind “SO WE MANKIND COULD BE FORGIVEN FOR OUR SINS plural mean more than one. But the Jehovah ‘s Witness definition or meaning –
    If you commit a sin we will kick you out of this organization . NO FORGIVING . That logic defeat what Jesus die for as a J.W or “WITNESSES . I don’t know if you all look at it that way are not , but I’m tired of being a perfect person in this imperfect world . Lets keep servering JEHOVAH in his way , but not THEIR WAY .JESUS SAID He is the way . Walk in his foot steps . Through the BIBLE. If I had a choice the older the bible is the more I will believe it, give me the original HEBREW BIBLE , ISN’T THAT THE LANGUAGE THE BIBLE WAS WRITTEN IN FIRST “Quit J.W “. CHANGING BIBLE WORDING ,BECAUSE JEHOVAH DIDN’T CHANGE HIS WORDS . I HATE THAT LAST BIBLE THE GRAY ONE . ALL those whipping I got to learn where scriptures were , is in vien . Now Rome 12 :2 – And quit being fashion after the world ! Well if JW.ORG ISN’T DEFEATING OR CONTRADICTING this scripture . I personally don’t know what is !!! The THINGS THAT BRIGHT LIGHT HAS REVEAL TO ME ,AND ITS NOT SATAN JW.ORG . MY SISTER AND BROTHER THOMAS you all isn’t Critical Thinking, I’m personally glade their is other people see what I see . Thanks you all for revealing your outside views of , SEEING THE BRIGHT LIGHT . THE WORD APOSTATE mean to me ,as you would tell a child .THE BOOGEYMAN GOING TO GET YOU ! ! ! !


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