Another Jehovah’s Witness Awakens from Watchtower Madness!



Everyday another Jehovah’s Witness wakes up and begins to smell a rat from within the Watchtower Society. No matter what happens, there is always an experience that leads one more person to think about the hypocrisy of the organization and to take a second look at the teachings.

In this interview, Lady Cee speaks with a young lady that was on a Watchtower fast track and was looking to further her opportunities to reach out from within the organization. And then it all came crumbling down like a ton of bricks.

The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women is a platform that was created and produced by Lady Cee. Since JW women have never been given an outlet to express their concerns, this platform provides them with an outlet.

However, if men would like to join in and speak, they are most welcome. In this episode, Dimera is not gender bashing, she is mainly discussing her own personal experience and what she went through in the organization.



2 thoughts on “Another Jehovah’s Witness Awakens from Watchtower Madness!

  1. please do a show like A&E does the show on Scientology you can’t make people see it but you can expose it


  2. Thank you for sharing your candid insights. I was like your friend (also not a JW) but it was with my own sister. She did not believe I was sincere with questions and … I got shunned. That technique should be outlawed.


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