Another Jehovah’s Witness Kisses Watchtower Bye-Bye!

JT and Wes


Does the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society have a measure of control over Jehovah’s Witnesses?



Original Title: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mind Control

Date of Broadcast: 5/15/2016 (Length- 20:44)

 New Headline: Tools of Undue Influence and Mind Control: How Jehovah’s Witnesses

Metadata: Spike Robinson discuss how organizations and people with undue influence exercise high control Lady Cee and JT.

@CultExpert– Author and Advocate, Steven Hassan’s Twitter Page

Freedom of Mind-Steven Hassan’s website

Ethical versus Unethical Influence– A Steven Hassan Interview describing ethical versus unethical influence:

Speakers: Lady Cee, JT, Spike Robinson (assistant editor of the Open Minds Foundation)

Relevant Information:

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Tools of Undue Influence- keep you under control

  • High control groups or highly controlling people exercise undue influence on others
  • People can be controlled from a variety of sources including: in a relationship, a job, by an organization

Steven Hassan’s book Combating Cult Mind Control is an excellent source on mind control

  • BITE model: Behavior, information, thought, emotion
    • On severe side, personal behavior is monitored and controlled
    • On the severe side, informational is controlled by restricting access to media, books, education, music is monitored and controlled
    • On the severe side are “thought stopping techniques”, where if you have a question that might be a threat to a high-control situation you are told the thought is untrue, not up to standards and must stopped.  People are often taught techniques to stop threatening thoughts such as scriptures, meditation, and distraction.
    • On the severe side of emotion, people are told that they must be happy all the time and if they aren’t happy they are flawed, unworthy, or not listening to the high control organization. Another method of control is to encourage to be completely even-keel without highs or lows.

JT explains that for Jehovah’s Witnesses member are highly controlled by written rule (found in publications) and unwritten rules (the cultural expectations)

  • The Society portrays their will as God’s will.
  • Members are taught that, “you must listen to the WatchTower as you would the voice of God” or the “listen to the slave”.
    • The slaves have been defined as seven individuals… who happen to live in New York
  • In many Jehovah’s Witnesses’ homes, there are theocratic libraries filled mainly with WatchTower material. Many members feel uncomfortable taking material from material that contradicts the Organization.
  • JT remembers talking  to a former Witness who lived under the Soviet Union saying that the USSR and Jehovah’s Witnesses controlled people in similar ways.
  • Once a person is disfellowshipped and re-instated, the Kingdom Hall often does not celebrate until years after they are re-instated. This is because the society wants to suppress the human need to celebrate until members are convinced that the Society is responsible for the transformation and the emotions are deemed acceptable

Lady Cee explains that the Jehovah’s Witness community is often on the lookout for other members’ unsanctioned behavior, information sources, thoughts and emotions so that they can shame those perceived as guilty.

Lady Cee mentions that sharing ideas and information often leads to the independent thoughts, which threaten high control organizations.

Robert Jay Lifton’s Thought Reform Criteria is mentioned as an even deeper model of control methodology.



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Another Jehovah’s Witness Awakens from Watchtower Madness!



Everyday another Jehovah’s Witness wakes up and begins to smell a rat from within the Watchtower Society. No matter what happens, there is always an experience that leads one more person to think about the hypocrisy of the organization and to take a second look at the teachings.

In this interview, Lady Cee speaks with a young lady that was on a Watchtower fast track and was looking to further her opportunities to reach out from within the organization. And then it all came crumbling down like a ton of bricks.

The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women is a platform that was created and produced by Lady Cee. Since JW women have never been given an outlet to express their concerns, this platform provides them with an outlet.

However, if men would like to join in and speak, they are most welcome. In this episode, Dimera is not gender bashing, she is mainly discussing her own personal experience and what she went through in the organization.