Susan Gaskin – The Finale (Part 3) The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women

Part 3 The Finale

In this episode of the Susan Gaskin story, Susan speaks about what it was like after she got disfellowshipped, provides some advice on how to search for that special guy in your life and sheds a true depiction on what the elders are really about. She further goes on to share her views on other women and how they should stick together more.

2 thoughts on “Susan Gaskin – The Finale (Part 3) The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women

  1. Hi Susan
    Just been watching a few of your vids and you look a bit like sarah brightman ha ha have you thought about writing some of this stuff you do into books.

    Having been to meetings for 15 years I found some work with shifts you know 6 to 2 one week 2 till 10 the next and 10 till 6 in the morning the next. be cos of this I ended up losing contact with those meeting and before long it was 6+ month gone by

    in a nutshell I more recently am using that knowledge to write about life questions and the creation and so on genesis 1 – 7 blah blah
    have you noticed all the subliminal pics in the mags as I have.

    wanting to add a few images like in the greatest man book this is what I came across with either sexual or daemonic pics so I’m thinking what!!! you know like dave tenents dr who did and researching this came across kim and mikey and yourself.

    I have a gibbs trick here were he clips dinozzo or that episode were gibbs is blown up he recalls everything and at mtac is yelling at some navy guy in charge “IS EVERYONE UP THEIR AS STUPID AS YOU” that’s how i feel about the wts jw org gang.which I was athinking about going back to
    Regards Snoopy


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