The Vast Apostate Hour #ExJW

We enjoyed being on the Vast Apostate Hour last night with a group of allstars, BlackJack & Kyla, Mikey & Kim, Eric JW Struggle and Susan Gaskin and not to mention the host Son of Thunder with a guest appearance by Gilbert Gonzalez.




One thought on “The Vast Apostate Hour #ExJW

  1. I think as ex-jws, as human beings, we can’t be in favor of the jw’s ban in Russia. Are we against the governing body or the men and women who are under their brain washing, or that were born in the religion? After all, that was us and our children, our families…until we woke up.
    If the Russian ban meant that someone would come and get the 7 or 8 men in NY running things, I would absolutely agree with you. But that’s not the case. I don’t think we want to put men, women and children in jail, just because they bought into the governing body’s BS. Or worse, those like many of us who were born inside the “truth”.
    I think our activism should be about a failed idiology. Against the cult. Not their victims. The ban will not change the minds or wake up most JWs in Russia. Hopefully, maybe a few will. But most will feel the Watchtower’s lies about, “they come after us because we have the truth”, as further proof the JWs have the truth. Even some or most of the people in Russia will or could feel sympathetic, towards the JWs. I lived under a totalitarian, communist regime as a kid. We were so disgusted or afraid of the government that we would naturally sympathize with any individual or group, that came under government reprisals.
    The Russian Ban will, I my opinion, have the opposite result that we all would want. We want to help people wake up as we did, from “the truth”. I don’t think we want to put people in jail. At least, I don’t. That being said; I admire the work that you and other activists are doing, “brother”. Throughout these comments, I used “I think” or “I don’t think” a lot. So you or others may have other ideas or further arguments that, could change my mind. Maybe even convince me that the Ban is a good thing. I welcome open and honest dialogue. Until then, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…officer. That’s my opinion; I could be wrong.
    Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. English is my second language.


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