Susan Gaskin – The Finale (Part 3) The Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women

Part 3 The Finale

In this episode of the Susan Gaskin story, Susan speaks about what it was like after she got disfellowshipped, provides some advice on how to search for that special guy in your life and sheds a true depiction on what the elders are really about. She further goes on to share her views on other women and how they should stick together more.


Susan Gaskin Part 2 – The Husband Chronicles – Struggles of Jehovah’s Witness Women

Pt 2 Susan YouTube Thumbnail

This interview focuses on Susan’s story chronicling the issues she encountered with her husband; and despite being labeled a spiritual dud by the brothers, he came out unscathed in the relationship despite her pleas for help in the marriage. The brothers didn’t come to her aid when she called, but when they thought she committed a sin, they were busting down her front door.

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