Jehovah’s Witnesses – To Fade or Disassociate?

Jehovah Witness Disassociate

Does it really make a difference whether or not a person chooses to fade from the Jehovah’s Witness religion or to write a disassociation letter? This podcast goes into detail providing you with information so you can make your own decision as it relates to your situation. What is suitable for one person may not be the same for another. There is no “one size fits all” approach in this case.

While some feel it makes no difference which one you choose, depending on how your family perceives it, you may be better off simply fading. However, if you have family that does everything according to the Watchtower’s rule book, then either choice may be appropriate! However, buying the necessary time to prepare yourself for the backlash when leaving the organization is a must. It is most important that you build a new clientele of friends and establish a new support group prior to leaving because once you make it known to those in your inner Watchtower circle, they will cut you off in an instant.

It is amazing that when an individual becomes a Jehovah’s Witness, they gradually stop hanging around their non-Jehovah’s Witness associates and family. In fact, the individual that is converting to the JW faith still has access to those in their lives that are not JW’s as they begin to enjoy their new friends at the Kingdom Hall. It is a very smooth transition from one to the other.

However, when individuals decide to leave the JW faith, they are cut off in an instant. The swift kick in the rear end literally makes your head swirl.  Yet, those individuals that you abandoned to join this group, are always awaiting your return and in many instances, welcome you back with open arms.

6 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses – To Fade or Disassociate?

  1. my, daughter and I are being threatened by Jehovah’s witnesses as bitches,and smelly dogs! this can’t be love, they are a cult, we are batiste for many years, the elders brag about have sex with what they term as fine young sisters in their suvs,there’s all kind uncleanness, sin in there,killing, jealousy,no love at all!


  2. I’ve been fade away over 48 years.
    Married 42 years still standing.
    My husband was a Catholic. I was so happy to see him study wth JW. That before I found out about Raymond Franz’s book Crisis of Conscience. Since I read that book, I decided not to company him attending meeting. His been baptized 2 1/2 years ago. Now I don’t know what to do to wake him up. I watch youtube video from exJW every single day, never missed. Wanting some more tips, how to do. Mikey n Kim youtube soothing me. Coz Mikey ‘s character little bit like me (straight to the point) . So please if any one of you guys can contact me through my face book. I would like to be a friend. Especially Mikey n Kim. Susan. JT n lady C. Mark n Cora. Son of Thunder. Danmera. JWStruggle.
    Now I’m struggling, emotionally. I really need help.


  3. It’s even more difficult if you were born into the JWs. You leave with nothing and have to learn how to live on your own.


  4. Quit touching the unclean thing
    let them all go with their false teaching They have removed the Lord Jess in favour of GB.

    You will be amazed how many real friends you will discover .all your old family but most of all You will find Jesus will take you in and feel God’s love as one of his children

    Romans 8:9 proves we are all spirit led not fleshly as the wt teaches .

    If you are fleshly you are no part of Christmas Read Galations 5 fruit of the spirit very works of the flesh .

    2013 July wt there Is no FDS

    No 1919, No 1914 , all lies talk to your elders make them squirm fishing for an answer from a bunch of watchtowers but never the bible


    It is an evil cult trapping The Sheep into the wrong fold as Jesus warned about.


  5. I have left after 45 years not prepared to reject the emblem as commanded

    I had to study pray hard cry hard for over a year I knew I had to be right before I faced the elders who could not disagree with God’s inspired word with had to call the again thier will to read and they could not stomach it but chose WTBT over God’s word.

    of course the y shunned me but yesterday an elder shook my hand and his give wife kissed me .


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