Fear, Obligation, Guilt (FOG)


After leaving the Jehovah’s Witness religion, we had the opportunity to read Emotional Blackmail by Susan Forward, Ph.D. We could readily identify with the stories she relates in the book and could make a direct correlation to our lives as Jehovah’s Witnesses. While the experiences are somewhat different from what we encountered in our personal lives, we could readily comprehend how individuals use emotional blackmail to make others develop fear, obligation and guilt in order to manipulate them into furthering their own agenda.

This podcast explains in great detail how  Jehovah’s Witnesses live in the FOG. No one can dispute these comments as every current and former Witness is most familiar with the culture of the organization!

This podcast references the experience of a sister that lived in an Iron Lung and her experience was used as a tool to measure the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses with otherwise good health that did not live up to the daily demands of the Watchtower. You can reference her experience in the January 22, 1993 Awake! magazine “Not Even an Iron Lung Could Stop her Preaching“.


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