Do you want to live in paradise with Jehovah’s Witnesses?


Jehovah's Witnesses and Paradise


3 thoughts on “Do you want to live in paradise with Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  1. Absolutely not! I would want to freely wander the world exploring everything without being bothered by newly contrived “princes” who are incapable of living without making a million burdensome rules for everything. It would be worse than now.


  2. Enjoy the information and research as well as critical thought…
    Have you ever considered what caused me to leave?
    Changed time of “Slaves” appointment, from 33 C.E. To 1919…
    It was long taught before Jesus the Master went away (33 CE, his death) he appointed that slave (1st century Gov Body), then returned 1914 for second appointment.
    This was why the SLAVE in the singular tense was not an individual but a composite group, otherwise he would be nearly 2,000 years old. So now it means Jesus apparently appeared in 1914, made appointment in 1919, and then left somewhere? Even though still present invisibly to return again for final appointment??
    Makes no sense

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    • Hi Bret, many thanks; we appreciate your contribution and sharing your experience. Too bad a lot of others don’t do their research to find out more about what this religion is all about. You’re stating some excellent points here.


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