Why Jehovah’s Witnesses go Door-to-Door Part 3

Why Jehovah's Witnesses Count Time

If you have had the chance to listen to Episodes 1 and 2 of Why Jehovah’s Witnesses count time aka go Door-to-Door, this podcast will acquaint you with the creative ways that they come up with in order to get the time.

Date of Broadcast: 9/15/15 (Length- 17:23)


Six Critical Thinking Skills–  JT recommends critical thinking as an anecdote to guilt and shame.  This Rasmussen University website outlines a six-step model for critical thinking. Although it is on the site’s career services website the framework can be applied to religion, media, politics, and many more parts of life.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ new tactic– A BBC article that describes a creative, new time counting technique used in Britain

Speakers: Lady Cee, JT

0:00 – 0:36

Skit: [Lady Cee comically displays how pioneers use innovative methods to count time]

0:37- 1:19

JT briefly reviews how the Watchtower claimed counting time was a requirement of God and then loosened the divine requirement (discussed in Counting Field Service- Part 2).

1:20- 4:29

Counting time is a man-made requirement, not God’s instruction as the Watch Tower preaches.  It was a decision by committee, not a God ordained law.

  • Counting time is supposedly for inventory purposes, yet members must often put their name and sign to account and answer for their individual commitment.
  • The concept of counting time often shocks non-Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The phrase “get your time started”, is used to describe counting time. Most publishers do not have such intense pressures to count time.

“Keeping your time running” is like having a cab with a running meter waiting for you. Pioneers start a task before going to the Kingdom Hall and “keep their time running”.

Most of the creative time counting techniques are passed on from older to younger pioneers because more experienced pioneers are called upon to be role models to the congregation.

The regular Pioneers are often feel the most pressured to count time.  They come up with creative ways to count time is normalized, because Pioneers must meet a quota.  Some methods of creative time keeping include:

  • Revisiting people whom they’ve previously talked with or leave tracks at stores on the way to the Kingdom Hall to for additional counted time.
  • Holding “multiple Bible Studies in the Same Home” is a creative way to count time; so that time is multiplied by each household member.
    • A pioneer will set up Bible studies with multiple members of a family, which multiplies the amount of times that they can claim multiple Bible studies for a single defined amount of time.  (4 members of the family with a one hour Bible study is 4 hours of counted time.)
    • In the winter members choose to linger at Bible studies while they stay indoors. This lingering goes towards counting time. Pioneers is colder climates also prefer to bank hours during the more pleasant, seasonable months of the year.
  • “The driving around technique”
    • In certain parts of the country pioneers covered large territories.
    • Calls were made on large opposing sides of the territories that are located hours apart to gain additional time.
  • California Jehovah Witnesses are amongst the most creative that JT has encountered. They would bank their hours (getting and documented more hours than required in the month). After going to Kingdom Hall, they would keep their time running and go to gas stations and convenience stores leaving tracts over the course of several hours. The yearly quota for counted time would be earned in a few months and they would stop counting time. The pleasant California weather facilitated this practice.


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4 thoughts on “Why Jehovah’s Witnesses go Door-to-Door Part 3

  1. Wow! That gave me the laugh of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How are you doing since leaving the organization? Have you given up on God completely?


    • We are doing very well since leaving. It was not without certain hardships though. Trying to fit into a world that we were told to be no part of and pick up the pieces of our life was quite trying. But, overall I think we did quite well for ourselves despite the consequences. I don’t think we will ever be able to catch up in life with all of the time we wasted in the organization, but we are most grateful that we were able to get out when we did. I cannot imagine what it would be like now if we would have waited to leave.

      How about you? How are you doing?


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