I am Somebody; Why Can’t We Be Friends?

why cant we be friends

The Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society would like to have outsiders believe that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the most happiest people in the world. Yet, there are many in the organization that are the exact opposite. The culture of the organization is to treat those with a long handle spoon that do not adhere to the goals and aspirations of the organization. It makes it most difficult for individuals to feel like they are part of an organization when they are feeling like they are on the outside looking in because they can’t keep up with the demands of “do more” by the organization.

This podcast discusses how some Jehovah’s Witnesses  #jws struggle with being outcasts in the organization because they cannot live up to all of the Watchtower’s rules. And then they start trying to brag about who they know that is high up in the organization in an effort to score brownie points with their so-called friends in the congregation.