Jehovah’s Witnesses and Independent Thinking

Independent Thinking

This episode discusses how the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society views “independent thinking”. At first, their literature views it in a positive light when it comes to individuals examining the teachings of other religions. But, when their own members try using independent thinking in their own lives, the Watchtower begins to paint this idea as being negative.

Watchtower References on Independent Thinking

Outlined below is a list of references that provide a history of how the Watchtower Society have come to change their views throughout the years on independent thinking:

The Watchtower, 8/1/1958, page 460

The Watchtower, 2/15/1960, page 106-7, paragraph 5, “Safeguard Your Thinking Ability

The Watchtower, 6/1/1966, page 324, “Intellectual Freedom or Captivity to the Christ?

The Watchtower, 1/15/1983, page 22, paragraph 21, “Exposing the Devil’s Subtle Designs

The Watchtower, 1/15/1983, page 27, “Armed for the Fight Against Wicked Spirits

The Watchtower, 9/15/1989, Page 23, paragraph 13, “Be Obedient to Those Taking the Lead


4 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses and Independent Thinking

  1. Hello Lady C and JT. @Great_Retweeter here #BROADCASTING from #DaGalley #RadioVideoArtRentalStudios asking:

    Why could’t I do when I was one of #JehovahsWitnesses what I do now?
    FEAR to question how could #JW,org be “The Truth” BOTH before AND after changing its #EverChangingDoctrine,

    Our #INTERVIEW went well imo and we know our Solution for next one.



    Will Enoch Sr

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