Beast of Burden

Feeling Weighed Down A modified

When we were active Jehovah’s Witnesses we were considered volunteers of the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society. We carried a heavy burden on our shoulders because as we attended our congregation meetings, we were constantly bombarded with messages to do more. In fact, there were constant skits, articles, talks, and you name it, asking us to do more. We received constant encouragement to consider our circumstances and even asked to quit our jobs to sell more Watchtower propaganda.

We were constantly reminded that the end of the world was just around the corner and they discussed how futile it would be to invest any extra time and effort in a system that is “going out of business”. How much effort you expended in the door-to-door campaigns was a testament to your spirituality and many individuals were celebrated because they put forth a lot of effort to reach the demands of the organization.

Can you pioneer? Will you pioneer? Quit your job because I know you can do more!

The end is right around the corner! Do not invest in this system, it’s going out of business!

After thinking about it…we realize that we made a good decision to part ways with the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society and we are living much more happier and productive lives. We sincerely hope that those visiting our blog will take time to investigate what they are learning and come to an understanding that all of what you are doing/have been doing is all in vain because you are simply a hamster spinning in a wheel with no real purpose.

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