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This podcast is the first of many that is dedicated to the struggles of Jehovah’s Witness women.

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Why Jehovah’s Witnesses go Door-to-Door – Part 2


Count Time Part Two

This episode goes into a deeper discussion on why the Jehovahs Witnesses are required to count field service time to track their progress when engaging in door-to-door proselytizing. It provides evidence that the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society wrote a Watchtower article on July 1, 1943 that set the stage for this practice that continues to this day. The counting of time sets the barometer to determine how spiritual individuals are that claim to be Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Watchtower Article “Righteous Requirements” – July 1, 1943

1943 WT Righteous Requirements

Date of Broadcast: 2/17/15 (Length- 8:35)

Speakers: JT and Lady Cee


The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach it is very important to understand where the teaching originates.

The Watchtower claimed that God sanctioned the notion of counting time.

  • July 1, 1943 “Righteous Requirements”: [Lady Cee Reads]
    • Counting time is an expression of God that constitutes law
    • The Lord required of the special pioneers: 175 hours and 50 back calls per month which should develop into a reasonable number of studies or for regular pioneers 150 hours and as many back calls and studies as they can be developed during the month. For company publishers 60 hours and 12 back calls and at least one study a week.
    • According to the above cited Watchtower, “These instructions come to us through God through his established agency directing what is required of us. And for those that really love the Lord and are guided by his council, that is a reasonable service requirement.”

2:38- 3:43

The Watchtower emphasizes that “God says” counting time is necessary.

  • “Let us” is invoked by the Watchtower. Previously, this language was invoked by God at the start of creation. This is an example of how the Watchtower Society has no problem signing something with God’s signature.
  • In order for any requirement to be made for Jehovah’s Witnesses, it must be signed off by God. The expression of “God’s will” is a tool to end controversy about counting time.


God never said anything about counting time nor did he sign off on it.  The Watchtower used the same tactics as the Pharisees when they were claiming that washing up to the elbows was God’s law, when it was in fact a man-made law. Jesus condemned the Pharisees for their practices.

  • These man-made laws are a burden that did not take into account people’s obligations for family, work, and personal time. This is what Jesus talked about when he cautioned against the burdens of men.
  • As the years passed, the Watchtower began to back away from the teaching of counting time. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses realized that counting time is not actually what God requires. The required hours are constantly being reduced.  Now, they are only requiring that Publishers put in 15 minutes.
  • The more time a person has, the more spiritual they are considered. Time is used as a barometer of worthiness and is used to judge spirituality. It is often the determining factor in appointments, congregations can be inflexible if they perceive someone as not having enough time.



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Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Go Door-to-Door and required to turn in timesheets? Part 1

Count Time Part One copy

Each month, if a Jehovah’s Witness wants to retain their active status as a member, they are required to turn in a timesheet to report their activity for proselytizing. This entails providing the number of hours they spend talking to people about God and recommending that they attend meetings at the Kingdom Hall. They must also indicate the number of books, magazines and return visits they made on individuals interested in their message. When the Jehovah’s Witness turns in this timesheet, they are also required to sign their name and hand it in so the service overseer can keep track of their activity.

The Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society claims that the reason why Jehovah’s Witnesses count time is so that they can better manage their resources. For instance, they claim that they use this information to ascertain how many presses they need to buy, how much paper they will need to print more books and magazines or know what area of the country people are placing more magazines and books.

It’s interesting how the Watchtower always encourages people to look at the foundation or the history as to where a particular teaching comes from. Because Jehovah’s Witnesses have a tendency to deny that counting time is a requirement.

When Jehovah’s Witnesses were first told by the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society all over the world, that they would now be required to turn in the amount of time that they talked to people about God, many of the people said you’ve got to be kidding. It became an issue to the point where the Watchtower writers had to address it. People on the Watchtower editorial staff sat in meetings trying to find ways to convince Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world, that they need to turn in their time.  They did so by coming out and making the statement that this is a requirement of God.


JT answers the listener submitted question: “Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses count time?”

  • Counting time is when Jehovah’s Witnesses are on the clock while they minister to others. Some people have encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to their home. Members must report the time that they spend talking about God and account for the literature that they distribute on timesheets.
  • Comedians have joked about Jehovah’s Witnesses and their door-to-door activity by making comments like, once you let them in your house, you can’t get them out; don’t let them in or they will be there all day.
  • The reason why when Jehovah’s Witnesses are talking to individuals they are always long winded. It is because they are counting time, yes, they are on the clock.
  • Counting time is a teaching required by Jehovah’s Witnesses and is sanctioned by the Watchtower and according to them it is endorsed by God.


When the Watchtower first introduced the notion of counting time, there was a push back from the members. In fact, it became such an issue, that the Watchtower writers had to address this issue in order to enforce it. They did so by writing an article in the Watchtower stating that counting time, “is a requirement of God”.  The name of the article, was called “Righteous Requirements”. [July 1, 1943 Watchtower]

  • JT used example of Pharisees washing up to the elbows as a requirement of God, instead of being introduced as common manners as an example of men making up requirements of God in the past.

Counting time is used to determine who will be promoted and get positions in the church in addition to managing resources.

JT compares the practice to forging a bounced check with God’s name on it.

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Beast of Burden

Feeling Weighed Down A modified

When we were active Jehovah’s Witnesses we were considered volunteers of the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society. We carried a heavy burden on our shoulders because as we attended our congregation meetings, we were constantly bombarded with messages to do more. In fact, there were constant skits, articles, talks, and you name it, asking us to do more. We received constant encouragement to consider our circumstances and even asked to quit our jobs to sell more Watchtower propaganda.

We were constantly reminded that the end of the world was just around the corner and they discussed how futile it would be to invest any extra time and effort in a system that is “going out of business”. How much effort you expended in the door-to-door campaigns was a testament to your spirituality and many individuals were celebrated because they put forth a lot of effort to reach the demands of the organization.

Can you pioneer? Will you pioneer? Quit your job because I know you can do more!

The end is right around the corner! Do not invest in this system, it’s going out of business!

After thinking about it…we realize that we made a good decision to part ways with the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society and we are living much more happier and productive lives. We sincerely hope that those visiting our blog will take time to investigate what they are learning and come to an understanding that all of what you are doing/have been doing is all in vain because you are simply a hamster spinning in a wheel with no real purpose.