Letter of Introduction to New Congregation

Leaving the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society was a turning point in our lives. We did not write a letter of disassociation because we reasoned that we did not write one to join, therefore, it was not necessary. In fact, since writing a letter is a rule established by the Watchtower, we refused to go that route because that was their way of categorizing us.

When publishers move to a new congregation for whatever reason (new job, serving where the need is great, relocating to get married, etc.) the Society requires your current body of elders to send an official Letter of Introduction to your new congregation. This introduction may be positive or negative.

This letter often contains personal and detailed aspects of your life that will be read by others that do not know you. That means if the letter is negative, you now have to dig yourself out of a hole in your new congregation. This letter will follow you as long as you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Each time you move to a different congregation, it may often be forwarded along with the Letter of Introduction from the current body of elders.


Long story short, here is the letter that was sent about us along with our Publishers Record cards. The information pertaining to our character is totally FALSE. It is an example of how your character is trashed when you leave the organization.

Letter from Body of Elders


12 thoughts on “Letter of Introduction to New Congregation

  1. I love your blog!!
    Yes non-JWs have a very hard time understanding the culture of JWs. Its so unique that it is deeply ingrained in your psyche. That shows how cultish the JWs are. Sadly, I’m still part of it because I am too afraid to leave.

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    • Hi Manny! Thanks for stopping by our blog and providing feedback. Yes, it is quite difficult for non-Jehovah’s Witnesses to understand the culture that we come from. It is easy for others to stand by and observe and think they know what we went through, but its an entirely different animal to have lived it. Hope you stop by again soon!


  2. Interesting points – some inaccuracies I have worked with JWs with beards who are elders, and I checked your statements about the two phrases – ‘services privileges’ and ‘worldly grooming’ again readers should check for themselves because the understanding presented to me is different to how you experienced it. I do not question how you felt and the reasons for your current state but as a ‘critical thinker’ by occupation your blog requires a little more rigour before I would subscribe.

    On a personal note please unfollow me as I do not accept anyone has the right to vilify the faith of another.


    • In my blog I merely pointed out how people are treated and yet Jehovah’s Witnesses vilify all of Christianity. According to the October 1, 1930 Watchtower page 301, note how Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught to view those of other faiths:

      “Satan’s organization sails under the high-sounding name of “Christendom”.

      As you said, do your research!


    • I’m most grateful that you took time to comment on my blog. Thanks for the feedback. Being raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses from childhood, I can assure you that I’m well aware of the culture. Non-believers, do not understand that when a talk is given or a suggestion is made by the leaders, in the eyes of a Jehovah’s Witness it is a rule. Peer pressure to conform is strong within the organization.

      My husband was part of Watchtower Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY and he lived, breathed and enforced the laws of the religion. So, believe me when I say “I know what I’m talking about” because he lived at the place where the rules were made.

      Non-believers have no clue as to what is involved in the Jehovah’s Witness religion; you must live it to know and understand it. This religion was my life; my experiences were real. When I observed individuals in the congregation being ridiculed because of their dress and grooming, or brothers being passed over for positions of oversight, it was no mistake. No sir, no inaccuracies here! My information is based on the culture of the Witnesses in the United States.

      In determining whether an individual was a Jehovah’s Witness based on looking at him, many times we surmised that if he wore a beard, we knew he could not be a Witness. The culture in the organization is amazing. It’s literally like a language unknown to the average person. It is not something that is easy to understand because you have to live it to know it.

      Please take the opportunity to examine the information compiled in the following link and you will appreciate my life experience and how we were taught to view individuals wearing beards.



  3. Can not recommend granting service privileges. So would they not let you into worship services? And what does “worldly grooming” mean?


    • While you are allowed to worship at the Kingdom Hall, the brother that lost his service privileges will not be allowed to conduct congregation meetings, pray on behalf of the congregation, serve in a leadership role or take part in anything that has to do with running the congregation to include shepherding the flock, giving public talks, being an usher or something as simple as working with the sound equipment. In short, it means you have been black balled. To all onlookers in the congregation, being barred from service privileges denotes a lack of spirituality and is meant to humiliate the individual.

      Worldly grooming refers to anything that is considered fashionable by the world. Jehovah’s Witnesses are scrutinized to dress modest at all times and the women are required to wear dresses or skirts (that must be two inches below the knee) to ALL of the meetings for worship. Men are not allowed to wear beards or long hair.

      Looking back, our only crime: my husband was seen wearing a black leather beret that was turned to the side (which had a worldly appeal) and I had on a skirt that was right at my knee. So go figure! But, whenever individuals leave that religion, the members in the organization look for anything to trash your character.


  4. Hello.
    I wanted to thank you for the recent “follow” of my page; however, upon viewing yours, I am curious to the “man behind the Watchtower”–who is this person? Also, somewhat inquisitive of the “new” congregation–which is? Leaving the false religious experience of Jehovah Witnesses is commended for a leap of faith so to speak, and such is also expressed by Christ in His declaring of the true faith available only through His life, death, and resurrection–period. If the new faith you write of is Christ-centered, then your journey begins; however, I do not place any measure of confidence in “critical thinking” as a logical starting point of discovery, as critical thinking is a subject taught at the collegiate level, that I finished some years ago whilst a student.


    • Thanks for commenting on our blog; we appreciate receiving your feedback. For starters, critical thinking is not our journey; we are well aware of that! The purpose of this blog is to critically analyze the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witness faith. There are many questions that people need to ask prior to joining the group. Our blog will help educate those individuals to understand the group and what they need to know prior to joining.

      The new congregation mentioned in our post pertains to the same faith but in a different location. The brothers in your new congregation must confirm who you are by receiving a Letter of Introduction from your old congregation.

      The man behind the Watchtower? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Governing_Body_of_Jehovah's_Witnesses

      The Jehovah’s Witness network is highly sophisticated, one that is not easily understood. If you have never been part of the inner workings of its structure, you may not quite understand a lot of what we will present in our blog.


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