Our Amazing Journey!

We are coming up on our 15 year anniversary that we left the Watchtower Organization. It is amazing how far we have come. Unfortunately, we have left so many people behind and we can only hope and pray that as they continue to grow older that they are smart enough to set something aside and prepare themselves for retirement. It is our resolve that one day those individuals will see the light. Not only did we leave the Watchtower with our dignity, we were able to move to a new location, enroll in college and complete our education and find a new host of friends. We were also reunited with our non-Jehovah’s Witness family members that welcomed us with open arms. We will not say that our journey was without pain and suffering because we experienced a lot of difficulties along the way. However, looking back, we can most definitely say that everything we encountered was well worth the effort. As many fellow former Jehovah’s Witnesses interact with this BLOG, we hope you will contribute to our cause by sharing your successful experiences.

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